MagiCAD 2011.11

Create HVAC and electrical BIM design projects
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Develop designs for different types of engineering projects, including building services, HVAC, electrical installations, etc. Select templates or create new models with male and female bends, automatically calculated sound and pressure parameters, etc. Detect void characteristics.

With MagiCAD you can look forward to more time for productive and creative designing and less time-consuming routine work. A range of new features and functions will take you faster from start to finish. Start by checking out some of the highlights in MagiCAD for AutoCAD and Revit..


-Male-female bends supported
-Aligned integrated reductions supported
-Sound and pressure calculation for fans and pumps
-Complete air handling units (AHUs) can be calculated
-Provision for voids more clearly presented in model
-Automatic detection of already existing provision for voids
-Provision for voids included in bill of material (BOM)
-User defined dimensions for provision for voids
-Collision control doesn’t report collision if a provision for voids object has been created
-AutoCAD objects can be converted to MagiCAD objects
-Hide function works on converted AutoCAD Objects
-Actuator symbols can be placed on duct components
-Merge Project function for importing project information from another project
-‘Show selected parts area’ definition now also cuts xref drawings
-More options in the free text function

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